About (English)

The LBST*-Referat is the LGBT+ group in the student representative body of Bonn university. We consider ourselves a hub of queer university life, keep a mixed media library, and organize lectures among other events with LGBT* topics.

Every month, we welcome you to a discussion round on varying topics, a game night and to have a beer or other drink at our Stammtisch.

During the first weeks of every semester, we organize a regular set of events that includes a small reception („Sektempfang“), where we introduce our staff and work, a tour („Szenebummel“) through Cologne’s queer scene and a weekend brunch. These are primarily directed at new students, but everybody is welcome to join!
Every week during the semester, we welcome you to our opening hours (Tue-Thur 12:00-14:00, 15:00-17:00). Join us for a cup of coffee or tea, a chat, or to get your very own copy of various regional queer magazines!
Once a semester, we organize “Don’t Tell Mom!”, Bonn’s biggest queer party!

Above all that, we offer personal counseling sessions, especially concerning the topics of coming-out and trans* issues. The e-mail address [SPAM-Schutz! Bitte aktiviere JavaScript] is always available for confidential contact. All other questions about our group and our work can be directed at [SPAM-Schutz! Bitte aktiviere JavaScript] or our Facebook page.