About (English)

The LBST*-Referat is the LGBT+ group in the student representative body of Bonn university. We consider ourselves a hub of queer university life, keep a mixed media library, and organize lectures among other events with LGBT* topics. We explicitly also welcome people whose identities are not included in our short acronym: asexual and aromantic people, nonbinary and genderqueer people who don’t label themselves as trans, intersex people, queer people and everyone else whose label (or preference for not labeling themselves) hasn’t been mentioned but is marginalized under cisheteronormativity.

Every month, we welcome you to a discussion round on varying topics, a game night and to have a beer or other drink at our Stammtisch. Have a look at our calendar for an overview of all events – and while the titles are in German, there will be English descriptions for most of them and lots of people attending our events will usually gladly talk to you in English!

During the first weeks of every semester, we organize a regular set of events that includes a small reception („Sektempfang“), where we introduce our staff and work, a tour („Szenebummel“) through Cologne’s queer scene and a weekend brunch. These are primarily directed at new students, but everybody is welcome to join!
Every week during the semester, we welcome you to our opening hours (Tue-Thur 12:00-14:00, 15:00-17:00). Join us for a cup of coffee or tea, a chat, or to get your very own copy of various regional queer magazines!
Once a semester, we organize “Don’t Tell Mom!”, Bonn’s biggest queer party!

Above all that, we offer personal counseling sessions, especially concerning the topics of coming-out and trans* issues. The e-mail address [SPAM-Schutz! Bitte aktiviere JavaScript] is always available for confidential contact. All other questions about our group and our work can be directed at [SPAM-Schutz! Bitte aktiviere JavaScript] or our Facebook page.